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The water has been so warm and clean and inspiring that C3 and Miguel are hosting one last final swim on Saturday evening Sept 7th.  Many people have asked for the chance to do a NIGHT SWIM.  Others have asked for one final fun social swim.  Miguel and C3 have decided to try to accommodate both requests.

Registration is now open


Sept 7th, 2019

Race Day Schedule

6:00 pm Registration
6:30 pm 1-4 Lap Swim
8:00 pm (approx.) Night Swim Start


The Warm, Private, Clean, Retired James Dick Sand Quarry

C3 James Dick Quarry
18 077 - 18 119 Hurontario Road
Caledon Village,
Caledon Ontario  L7K-1X2

MAP: C3 James Dick Quarry - Caledon Village, ON


Either do the “day” swim or the “night” swim or both.  


The events are open to anyone of all ages, who would enjoy a fun, safe open water swim experience in a controlled, warm retired sand quarry (no boats, no weeds).  In the past participants included those who love to open water swim, those looking for a fun new challenge, those who were pool swimmers looking for a summer event and those who are triathletes getting ready for their events.


Swim 1-4 loops of the quarry starting at 6:30pm at the C3 James Dick Quarry.  It is expected to get dark at roughly 8pm.  Miguel will have the 400m swim loop lit up so you can try some “night” swimming.  You can do the 6:30pm swim (1-4 laps), or the 8pm night swim, or both. 


This final swim of the year is designed totally for fun with a bit of exercise tossed in.  C3 will have a beach campfire set up so that you can roast your own hot-dogs or marsh mellows. The idea is to give you the opportunity to get a final swim (in the daylight at 6;30pm or in the evening at 8pm).


$10.00 for C3 members and $20.00 for non-C3 members.  Includes hotdog, campfire, and open water swim.