WHAT:   Likely the ONLY real triathlon – duathlon and aqua-bike race series in Ontario this summer.  Real swimming in our quarry, real outdoor biking and running, real finishing times, real pictures, real swag, and a REAL REASON to KEEP ON TRAINING this summer.

WHERE:  All events will occur in Caledon, Ontario, located 20minutes north of the Toronto Airport in the beautiful quiet, rolling countryside.  Caledon is famous for quiet, green horse pastures and being the home of many of Canada’s top triathletes over the years including Olympians Siimon Whitfield,  Kyle Jones,  Andrew Yorke, Ironman & 70.3 Champions Lionel Sanders, Bob Knuckey, Taylor Reid and Hall of Fame Triathlon Coach & CBC Analyst Barrie Shepley.

WHEN:  Wed, Friday and Sunday mornings.  You and a small group of 1-7 other friends, get a swim-start time between 7-10am three days a week.  To remain physically distanced, race organizers will have numerous, small wave starts distancing strategies to optimize your safety.

Note you DO NOT have to have any friends sign up (its simply a fun option). We can put you into a small wave of 2-7 others if you don’t have a small group who wants to come on the same day-time as you want to race.


(Wed, Fri or Sun race days to choose from)

1 July 5-12th Escarpment Sprint & Olympic Races
2 July 13-19th 

Alton Mill Loop Sprint Course Week

  • July 18th: 14-15 junior and pro prize money draft legal 
3 July 27- Aug 2nd

Escarpment Sprint & Long Course Races

4 Aug 3rd – Aug 9th

Alton Mill Loop Sprint Course Week

  • Aug 8th: 14-15 and junior draft legal prize money race 
5 Aug 10-16th


At the Alton Mill Loop Course.

We will have a prize money race for the pros and juniors.

Note this week will be a bit unique. We are working with provincial and national governing bodies to create a championship with them. Regardless C3 will host a Championship week even if this does not workout (including pro and junior prize money race)

The actual days of your event are being finalized but they would occur between Monday Aug 10th and Sun Aug 16th. More details soon.

6. Aug 24th-30th

Escarpment Sprint & Olympic Courses

7. Sept 7-13th

Escarpment Sprint & Long Course Races



  • Sprint (550m swim – 18km bike – 4km run) 
  • Olympic (1500m swim – 36km bike – 9km run)
  • Long Course (2km swim – 55km bike – 15km run)


  • Triathlon (swim-bike-run)
  • Duathlon (bike-run)
  • Aqua Bike (swim-bike)


Register now at RaceRoster 



All participants will come to the C3 James Dick Quarry to start their race experience.  Race Kits, Swag and race numbers will be handed out at the Quarry.   Individual Prerace Pictures will be taken at the Quarry and athletes will be given time to warmup swim before their scheduled swim start time for their wave.

All swims occur at C3’s private, popular, retired sand quarry on Hurontario Road in Caledon. Instead of 1000 people starting in one wave, you can start in a safe,  stress free wave of 1-7 others.   Wetsuits will be allowed for all participants  in every event in 2020 (its 100% your choice whether you wear a wetsuit or not).     Each participant will get a swim time for their 550m swim, 1500m swim or 2km swim.

THERE WILL BE NO  SWIM TO BIKE TRANSITION TIME:   Athletes do not get a transition time.   Following the swim, participants will drive 5-8 minutes to the transition zone where the bike-run will occur.  Note C3 has two different courses (being used on different weeks for variety), but for any specific week, the same course will be used for everyone on the exact same course (for time comparisons).  Participants must begin their bike leg within 30minutes of finishing their swim (there is plenty of time to get to the transition zone and get organized).


C3 bike coordinators will meet you at the bike-run transition zone.  When you are ready to start, officials will begin timing your bike leg of 18, 36 or 55km leg.  You will need to carry all calories and fuel for the bike leg.  C3 organizers have simple to follow, interesting bike courses, located on great pavement with predominantly right hand corners and very little traffic.  C3 athletes have been using and testing these bike courses for the last few years and have proven to be very popular for training workouts. 

Please note, that the bike courses are on quiet roads, but they are not closed to traffic, and while very low traffic is expected, you must respect rules of the road for your own safety.  You will be required to sign a waiver, that you are 100% taking responsibility for your own safety on the bike leg and will waive race organizers from any liability should a problem occur on the bike.   Organizers will be out on the course and have taken precautions to sweep corners, have put signs out and have selected courses that are both interesting and safe.

NO BIKE TO RUN TRANSITION TIME:  You will have 10 minutes to get started on the run after your bike is completed.  You will put your bike onto the bike rack and get ready to start the run course of 5k, 9k, 15km. 


C3 run coordinators will meet you at the start of the run course and get your time and some pictures of you and your pals. Note you DO NOT have to wait for your friends to get started on the run course, (but you may wish to do so).  If you are much quicker than your friends (or they are much faster than you are on the bike) you will likely start the runs a bit of time apart.  But you could wait for each other and run together if you wish. There will be sealed, bottled Gatorade and water at one water station on the run course (5 km,  9km or 15km) course.  The Escarpment Course is out and back on the rail trail and the Alton Mill Loop Course is a 2km loop you do 2x.

FINAL FINISHING TIMES:  Your final time, will be the accumulation of the swim split, bike split and run splits (but no transitions).  At the end of each race week, C3 organizers will release all participants times, finishing position, ranking overall, ranking within your sex, ranking within your age category (5 year age category) and points accumulated for that week. 

DRAW PRIZES EACH WEEK:  We will have regular draw prizes each week, from just the people who raced that week.  You only needed to be participating (not winning) to be eligible for great prizes including weekly pairs of Zizu Sunglasses, hats and more. 

KINETICO SUMMER POINT RANKINGS:  You race all summer, in your 5 year age category.  You score 1st place (100 points, to 10th place (10 points) for each race you do.  Note, you can pick up points one week in a sprint duathlon and two weeks later pick up points in a Long Course Triathlon.  You simply pick your four best races of any kind, all summer.

SUMMER SERIES:  You score your four BEST performances all summer.  You are allowed to do more than four races, but only your four best performances are used in final scoring.  We will be recognizing top 5 series awards at the end of the summer’s series (remember you carry your points from any race you do all summer and pick your best four races for the end of summer series awards).  Should two people, in the same age category, have the exact number of points, the tie-breaker is broken with the best performance on the final race week.

UPDATED RESULTS:  C3 will update results every single Monday from the previous week’s results.  The Monday update will include the previous week’s race results AND the accumulated summer series ranking points in each age group.

RACE SWAG TO THE FIRST 500 PARTICIPANTS:  The first 500 people who register for 1 or more races in the C3 Summer Series, will get a $40.00 ITU Race Hat, as well as Swim Cap and race number.   After the first race, participants will only get their race number for that day’s event. 


  • $60.00 +  hst for the first race
  • $90.00 +  hst for two races
  • $100.00 + hst as a C3 2020 member.  Unlimited racing full series
  • $120.00 + hst for three races
  • $150.00 + hst for unlimited racing in 2020 (4-9 races)
  • $250.00 + hst for family unlimited racing (4-9 races for up to 5 people in same family)

Register now at RaceRoster 

ONCE YOU REGISTER, C3 OLD SCHOOL EVENT COORDINATOR Jessie Ye, will personally email you to figure out which days, distances and times you want to race.


To provide variety, we have created two distinct bike-run courses (all swims will occur at C3’s Private Clean Quarry).  The two distinct courses are:  Remember the format. You will swim at C3’s Quarry, then drive 5-8 minutes to the bike-run course Transition zone for that week’s racing.

CALEDON’S ESCARPMENT COURSES (Sprint, Olympic and Long Course)

This course takes advantage of the great pavement on the quiet north-south roads that climb and descend Caledon Escarpment.  You have a few epic views of the city of Toronto 50km away including the CN Tower and the Toronto Skyline.  All three of these bike courses have a few challenging, but safe and inspiring climbs and descents.  Sprint is 1 loop, Olympic is two loops and Long Course are two longer loops.  The run course for all three Escarpment  courses is the pancake flat, beautiful Caledon Rail Trail.  The majority of the run course is hidden below trees that are on either side of the pathway.  Sealed, cold, Gatorade or Bottle Water will be on the run course.  Note you have 1-2 quiet side roads that you cross during the run and because the road is not closed to traffic, you must yield to the cars as your trail crosses the paved roads.


Think the most amazing sub-division pavement you have ever seen.  Now think about that sub-division the day before the first house was ever built on it.  That is exactly what we have in store for you with this awesome course.  Brand new pavement, side-walks and curbs, just not one house has yet been built in the sub-division and thanks to  TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley, C3 has secured this world-class bike-run venue for the event.  The venue has 100% closed roads (gates hold back any cars from ever entering the property).  The small loops will give you a chance to buzz by the starting line 9 times over the 18km bike course without ever having the fear of a car ever coming close to you.   C3 will be hosting 3 Elite Prize Money Junior-Pro Races attached to the same weeks as the age races.  Two of the weeks are officially in the Summer Series


Portable toilets will be located at the swim start and at the bike – run area of both courses. 


Due to the nature of 3 race days a week, all summer, there will be First Aid on the course, but no paid professional medical doctors will be on the course.  Ambulance and hospitals are located within 5 minutes of the swim, bike and run course.  We are communicating this to be transparent to all participants when making their decision on racing in our 2020 series.


C3 have many things planned throughout the summer to bring the fun-factor to the Old School Race Series.  In an odd summer, we hope we can bring you some joy.  With music, pictures and pumped up staff, we plan on ensuing you have a great day.


It is impossible to have zero risk this summer.  We have small waves of 2-8 people.  We are outside.  We have physical distancing built into all aspects of the event.  Our coaches and key staff will all be regularly COVID tested.  You need to make your decision to race, knowing while we are doing everything possible to honour safety, it is impossible to bring that risk to zero. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not register for the series.


We have a no refund policy under any circumstances.  If you cannot make a race date that you have pre-registered, C3 organizers will gladly move you to another day (or even week at no cost).  Please note that you must give C3 organizers a minimum of 24 hours.  If you don’t give 24 hours notice, you have used up that race.


The day before each race, we will send out a weather report to you to help you in your planning (wind, temperature humidity).  We fully expect to race each of the days, unless there is a significant prolonged dangerous day expected. If that occurs, we will give you minimally 16 hours of notice and allow you to pick another race day (that week) or another race week at no cost.  We understand a pouring rain day is not the kind of FUN we had in mind for you and if it looks like a terrible day ahead, we will reschedule that day.  We do realize some of you have taken a day off work, or organized child-care, etc so we will only cancel a day if we believe it will truly be a bad or unsafe day for everyone.  Note if its lightning at the quarry, we MUST delay for 20minutes after the last lightning was witnessed. 


  • UNDER 16
  • 16-19
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70 plus 


C3 will be hosing three events for pros and juniors (draft legal) on July 18th,  Aug 8th and during the Championship week of Aug 10 – 16th.  Please note that the July 18th and Aug 10-16th Championship races will have prize money open to pros-juniors and 14-15 year olds in a draft legal format.  On Aug 8th, there will be a prize money race, but only open to Juniors and 14-15 year olds (no pros on that day). 

Note we will likely be doing the pros and juniors in a number of waves, where people qualify for the A-Prize Money Final or are put into the B, C-D Finals as their semi-final times indicate.  Additionally, to honour proper draft-legal junior-pro racing, you will swim at the quarry to get your swim time.  Then when the bikes begin at the Alton Subdivision Course, you start the bike in the order of your swim time. Fastest swimmer first, and everyone else begins the deficit they were behind the fastest swimmer.  The run is a true transition for the pros and juniors off the bike.  The bike loop is 3km and run loop is 2km.  The entire sub-division is 100% closed off (no cars, no houses, no dogs, only racers).  A true racing heaven.


There are numerous inexpensive hotels very close to the race venue at a number of price points.   Race organizers will include hotel details in your electronic race package including some local outdoor safe, great patios for your post-race celebrations (sadly we wont be able to join you).


Our old school event is about fun. If your joy is to do the entire day next to a friend, family members or athlete, you are 100% encouraged to do so.  Note the only place we ask you to separate is the 5m gap on the bike.  That still allows you to ride the entire bike ride together simply 5m apart.




1.     Register online with race roster at RaceRoster 

2.     Make sure you select

a.     The sub event (Unlimited, one two or three races, Unlimited Family)

b.     Race distance (sprint, Olympic, long course)

c.     Race format (triathlon, duathlon, aqua-bike) for that week

3.    ONCE YOU REGISTER, C3 OLD SCHOOL EVENT COORDINATOR Jessie Ye, will personally email you to figure out which days, distances and times you want to race:

a.     Swim start time

b.     Basic names or number of specific pals who may want to be in your swim wave start (or if you have no one specific, will put you into a small wave for that day)

c.     Send you an electronic package with maps, and specific race details and reminders

4.     You should show up 20-40min before your agreed upon swim wave to pick up race number and swag bag (if appropriate),  Note duathletes and Aqua Bike still need to go to the C3 James Dick Quarry to get swag and race numbers.

5.     You and or your pals have your own, fun, old school REAL race with timing, results, awards pictures and a fun day in Caledon.

6.     After the race, you and your pals either head home, or we give you directions to a few great patios near the race venue to stop in for food and a post celebration catchup with your pals.   To honour small groups, we sadly will not be joining you.

7.     Go home, check the C3 Facebook Page to download some pictures of you and your pals and post them to celebrate your great fortune of being able to race in 2020.

8.     Hopefully do the same thing 3-4 or more times over the summer and move up the rankings in your age category.

9.     Note that the Championship Week Aug 10-16th, we will be finalizing the actual days that each age category or pro-junior race on.  Each day will be assigned to a small sub-category (ie. women 20-49,  juniors, etc).  This will be updated shortly, but for now, if you are planning on racing in the championship week, simply tick the event and we will finalize the actual day and times.

SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.